Attack on Titan's New Animal Survey Corps Takes On Tobu Zoo

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Tobu Zoo is collaborating with Attack on Titan from July 14 to October 8. The event will include special displays, merchandise, food, and more. The anime's WIT Studio provided the key visual for the campaign.

Eren and Levi will appear as zookeepers on some of the campaign's merchandise. They will also appear as part of a group of 15 characters in animal costumes. In addition to appearing on merchandise, the character visuals will appear on panels, and Levi and Eren will be on display in the form of life-size statues. Photo booths will let fans take pictures with the campaign's characters. An inflatable version of the Colossal Titan's head and life-size vertical maneuvering gear will be on display, too.

Special food available in the park will include "Mikasa Ackerman's White Tiger Pancakes," "Captain Levi's Black Tea Pancakes," "The Survey Corps' Kebab Sandwich," Eren-inspired ice cream floats, and long potato sticks. Depending on the order, fans will receive with their food a postcard from two separate groups of seven postcards.

Several main cast members are providing special recordings for the event. Yuuki Kaji (voice of Eren) and Marina Inoue (voice of Armin) will have their recordings play throughout the park several times a day. Recordings by Hiroshi Kamiya (voice of Levi) will play inside the park's Ferris wheel.

Advance tickets are on sale now. People who buy tickets through Lawson Ticket can purchase a limited-edition set with ticket clear file.

Anime Expo will host the world premiere of the third season of Attack on Titan on July 8. The third season will premiere in Japan on July 22, and Crunchyroll will stream the series as it airs. Funimation will screen the first episode in the United States and Canada alongside the Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening recap film on July 10-11.

Tobu Zoo has already collaborated with anime such as Kemono Friends and Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple.

Sources: Tobu Zoo's website, Comic Natalie

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