Manga Creator Tite Kubo Offers Comments on Live-Action Bleach Film

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With the release of a special video for the live-action film of Tite Kubo's Bleach manga, Kubo himself decided to provide comments on the project. He said he had a few concerns and was unable to participate in the project himself, but he seems satisfied with the end result.

In a handwritten message, Kubo said he was unable to be very involved in the live-action film project for two reasons. One was that he wanted to see what parts of the story director Shinsuke Satō (live-action Gantz, Gantz II: Perfect Answer films, Oblivion Island anime film) would use and which parts he would cut. The other reason was that when discussions of the live-action film started, Kubo was in the midst of completing the manga itself.

Therefore, Kubo made two requests. He asked that the distance and relationships between the characters not change from the manga. He also asked that staff not create "inconsistency between characters' feelings and actions."

Kubo said that he thinks the end result is good but noted that the film inevitably has some changes. For example, he said that staff had to incorporate foreshadowing so that the story could wrap up easily. Kubo ended his message by saying, "Action with the feel of speed and scale is reaching a new level for Japanese films. Honestly, until I saw the finished product, I said, 'If I'm not pleased with it, I won't write a comment.' I'm glad I wrote a comment. Definitely go and see for yourself what kind of work it is."

The film will open in Japan on July 20 and will have its North American premiere with two screenings on July 28 at the Japan Cuts Festival in New York. The story will center on the "Substitute Shinigami Arc," the manga's first arc that ran from its first to eighth volume.

Sources: Bleach live-action film's website, Comic Natalie

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