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Eminem's 'Good Guy' Track Samples from Kingdom Hearts...or Tokyo Ghoul?

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Rapper Eminem dropped his 10th album by surprise on August 31. Fittingly titled Kamikaze, the album has 13 tracks, but one is making waves in the fandom community for its familiar tune. The song "Good Guy" samples a track from Kingdom Hearts video game, although no one is exactly sure which track it is. One of the album's producers, Illadaproducer, told Rolling Stone that "Good Guy" samples a song from the game, but doesn't say which track.

"[I] filtered it, did some chops, did some processing to it. I basically made it unrecognizable," Illadaproducer said. Other sites, including Genius and Kotaku, have reported that the sample is from Hikaru Utada's "Simple and Clean," but as IGN's Jordan Oloman points out, the song's credits include Lisa Gomamoto, Norio Joseph Aono, and Yutaka Yamada, none of which worked on "Simple and Clean."

The confusion has led some fans to speculate that Illadaproducer was mistaken on the sample's source and that it might actually come from Tokyo Ghoul √A's "Glassy Sky" track. Fans of the series point to similarities between the two tracks, but once again, Donna Burke sings that song and she isn't credited on the album. Lisa Gomamoto wrote the lyrics for Tokyo Ghoul √A's "Wanderers" track, which shares similarities with "Glassy Sky," which she also wrote the lyrics for. Norio Joseph Aono wrote the lyrics for both "Wanderers" and "Glassy Sky" as well. Yutaka Yamada was also involved in composing and arranging both songs.

IGN credits Lisa Gomamoto as the singer of "Wanderers," however Luschka actually sang that track. Once again, Luschka isn't credited on Eminem's album, but it at least seems likely that the song isn't from Kingdom Hearts at all, but from Tokyo Ghoul. Whether it's "Glassy Sky" or "Wanderers" is anyone's guess. The real origin of the song's sample is a matter of speculation for now.

Source: IGN (Jordan Oloman), Rolling Stone (Elias Leight)

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