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Sanrio's Show by Rock!! Game Adds 'Yokazenohorizon' Boy Band

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
One-Punch Man's Makoto Furukawa sings vocals for Yokazenohorizon band

Sanrio's Show By Rock!! musical game's cast is expanding with a brand-new band of animal-eared rock stars. The mobile game introduced its 14th original band "Yokazenohorizon" (lit. Horizon of the Night Wind) on August 31 with a lyric music video for the track "Awakening World."

Yokazenohorizon is a four-piece band with character Lycao (Makoto Furukawa) on vocals and bass, Jalop on guitar, Kusuka on keyboard, and Uraragi on drums. The characters play in the bar "Yokaze" located in back alleys of the Fourthvalley area. By day, Lycao is a lawyer, Jalop is a hairdresser, Kusuka is a blogger, and Uraragi is a bartender. These four "B" men (each of their professions starts with 'b' in Japanese) decided to become band members by night. They release their artistic, atmospheric sounds into the night air.

Lycao has an unapproachable demeanor but he's actually very shy. He blushes when he's complimented and has a bad habit of causing others to laugh in the courtroom. He's represented and saved his band mates in the courtroom before. He's an African wild dog.

Jalop likes to wear his hair in cute, girlish styles. He's charismatic and is a high-class hairdresser. Lycao has previously helped him out when he was falsely accused in an incident he got wrapped up in. He's a jackalope.

Kusuka is both a blogger and previously worked in venture capitalist management. After looking around social networking, he became further committed to blogging and began working out of coffee shops and other places on his laptop. His first job was at a 'black company' but he left 69 seconds after being hired. He was previously falsely accused of mining counterfeit Melodisian Stones, but Lycao helped him out. He's a skunk.

Uraragi makes up songs and cocktails with the colors of the rainbow as a theme. He's sociable and cares about his customers, who keeps a close eye on. He's an excellent communicator and cook with adult sensibilities. It bothers him that his hair grows very quickly. He is an Angora rabbit.

Sanrio began distributing the Show By Rock!! game developed by geechs for iOS and Android in 2012.

The first Show By Rock!! television anime series premiered in April 2015, and Funimation streamed the series as it aired and released it on home video in December 2016. A series of spinoff shorts, Show By Rock!! Short!!, debuted in July 2016, and Funimation streamed it as it aired as well. The second anime season, Show By Rock!!#, premiered in October 2016, and both Crunchyroll and Funimation both streamed the series. The project has also spawned manga adaptations and several musicals.

[Via Nijimen]

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