Shibuya Mayor Comments on revisions Anime at Disaster Prevention Event

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Ken Hasebe, the mayor of Shibuya, has been looking forward to the upcoming Fuji TV's +Ultra / Netflix original TV anime revisions. At the Shibuya Bosai (Disaster Prevention) Fes 2018 event in Yoyogi Park on September 1, he came on stage to talk with voice actor Mikako Komatsu about the anime's unique look at how a city handles disasters.

Komatsu, who plays Milo in the anime, explained the story of the series. The center of the city of Shibuya is transported more than 300 years into a post-apocalyptic future. There, the people of Shibuya encounter hostile beings called “Revisions” that control massive mechanical monsters. Milo is a mysterious girl from the future who helps the people of Shibuya protect their city. (She is also, as Komatsu revealed for the first time at the stage event, a virtual Youtuber.)

Hasebe remarked that the interesting thing about the anime is how it depicts Shibuya as it currently is but also in the future. He hopes that this allows people to see Shibuya in a new way.

It was also revealed at the show that the anime will feature a character named Seiichiro Muta as the mayor of Shibuya. Komatsu said that the character will be very important to the plot of revisions. Hasebe said that he told the anime staff not to make the character evil, but they wouldn't give him a straight answer.

Because not many specific plot elements of the anime could be discussed at this stage, the conversation turned to the appeal of disaster fiction in general. Hasebe said that watching a simulation of a disaster scenario can help you appreciate the kind of city that Shibuya is right now. Hasebe also expressed his hope that “This portrayal of Shibuya will be something that the locals can be proud of,” comparing it to The Boy and the Beast.

Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass, Active Raid, ID-0, Planetes) is directing revisions at studio Shirogumi (Etotama, Antique Bakery, Nyanbo!). S.F.S is credited with the original work. The series is planned to air on Fuji TV's +Ultra timeslot in January 2019. Netflix will stream the series worldwide. The first episode of revisions debuted at Anime Expo in July.

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