Eminem Album Producer Confirms 'Good Guy' Track Samples Tokyo Ghoul

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

After much speculation and confusion, one of the producers of Eminem's latest album Kami-Kaze has confirmed the track "Good Guy" does sample "Glassy Sky" from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul √A, not the Kingdom Hearts game as originally reported.

Illadaproducer originally told Rolling Stone that the track featured a sample from Kingdom Hearts and multiple sites reported that the track was Hikaru Utada's "Simple and Clean." However, the song's credits didn't match up with the team that produced Utada's song, and instead pointed to either "Wanderers" or "Glassy Sky" from Tokyo Ghoul √A. The truth became clear when Illadaproducer responded to IGN's Jordan Oloman's request for clarification. Illadaproducer wrote that he had gotten mixed up and used a sample from "Simple and Clean" in another song, and Eminem's track does sample from "Glassy Sky."

Illadaproducer then posted the beat from Kingdom Hearts that he used in another track, although what track it's used in, be it for Eminem or another artist, is unknown.

Source: Illadaproducer's Twitter account via IGN (Jordan Oloman)

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