Kirby Café 2018 Debuts With New Menu, Merch in September

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

A new Kirby Café will debut at the Tokyo Solamachi complex on September 27. The café, which promises "Delicious Times, Precious Memories," will have a new menu and offer new merchandise for purchase. Kirby and his friends appear in a fun promotional video for the café that debuted in August.

The menu will include items such as:

Waddle Dee's Nap Omurice

Kirby's Suction Caprese

Bread Stew With Various Things Kawasaki Tried to Cook Together on a Whim

Kirby Burger & Seasonal Vegetable Meat Pasta Plate

Whispy Woods' Full-of-Zest Sweets Plate

Fluffy Kirby Strawberry Mousse

Kracko's Fizzy Soda Made to Finish in One Blow

Kirby's Cheerful Marshmallow Au Lait (iced or hot)

Prices will range from 580 yen (about US$5) for a parfait to 2,580 yen (about US$23) for a Whispy Woods platter. People who order a drink will receive one of six original coasters.

The café's merchandise lineup will include:

Kirby Café Plush Kirby and Waddle Dee

Assorted Kirby Café Cutlery

The café will run until February 17.

The first Kirby Café ran from August to October 2016.

Sources: Kirby Café's website and YouTube channel via Nijimen

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