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Yuuki Kaji, Maaya Uchida Star in Mizuho Bank's Anime Shorts by DLE

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Mizuho Bank is targeting its younger clients with an anime and manga starring Aomaru, one of the company's social media mascot characters. An official website and Twitter account for the anime and manga, titled "Aomaru no Tenshi ka Akuma ka" (Aomaru Angel or Devil), opened on Monday. The website features a series of animated shorts for the campaign.

The "opening movie" video begins with Aomaru eating a bag of chips on his couch. He gets up and decides it is time to start studying for a test. However, Devil Aomaru appears and tells him he should play video games. Aomaru thinks about how he needs to study, and Angel Aomaru appears. The angelic version of himself tells him he absolutely must not do what he is considering. Angel Aomaru chides him and says he has to think of the future. Then, he explains that if Aomaru plays video games after eating snacks, the controller will get dirty. Aomaru is surprised that that was the problem Angel Aomaru has with playing video games. Devil Aomaru tells him to wash his hands before playing. The three plan to play video games together, but there are only two controllers. Angel Aomaru then tells Aomaru to study for his test instead.

Below are the other videos released for the project so far:

Invitation From the Devil

Temptation to Play

A Night Unable to Sleep

Video Games

For the Future

DLE is producing the animation for the shorts. Yūki Kaji plays Angel Aomaru, and Maaya Uchida voiced Devil Aomaru. The videos do not credit the main Aomaru character's voice actor.

Earlier this summer, Mizuho Bank collaborated with the Saitsuyo Densetsu Nakane (Strongest Legend Nakane) manga for the "Saitsuyo: Nakane no Maemuki Ryman Web" (Strongest: Nakane's Forward-Looking Salaryman Web) online promotion.

Sources: Mizuho Bank's website and YouTube channel, MoCa News

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