TsukiPro Idols Go Steampunk Ahead of Animate Girls Fest

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The Animate Girls Fest has male idol mobile games kicking into high gear with new development teasers hoping to build up hype before the event takes over Ikebukuro Sunshine City on November 10-11. The Uta no Prince Sama series opened a new website focusing on "shining angels" and "dark devils" last week and the TsukiPro franchise is following suit with a new video to promote its stage show and upcoming in-game event.

TsukiPro will hold a stage event focusing on the "Kisosekai" (Machine Elements) scenario. The scenario reimagines the different performing groups as "guilds" in a steampunk style world. A video introducing the groups Growth, SolidS, and VAZZY are streaming ahead of the scenario's launch. Voice actors Shun'ichi Toki, Takuya Eguchi, and Tarusuke Shingaki narrate the Growth, SolidS, and Vazzy videos, respectively.

Animate Girls Fest will have Kisosekai merchandise and it promises a stage show with elaborate, steampunk costumes.

TsukiPro is a multimedia franchise that includes tie-in CDs, concerts, and merchandise for its idol groups: Soara, Growth, SolidS, Quell, Vazzy, Rock Down, RIGEL, Sargas, Regulus, Swiiiiiits!, and ZIX. The idol groups are "managed" by Tsukino Talent Production or the "rival" production company Sun Promotion Entertainment. Tsukino Talent Production is also responsible for the fictional TsukiUta idol groups Six Gravity, Procellarum, Fluna, and Seleas. The TsukiUta groups Six Gravity and Procellarum are also participating in the "Kisosekai" event.

Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION debuted in Japan in July 2016 and was followed by TsukiPro the Animation in October 2017. Funimation and Daisuki streamed Tsukiuta. as it aired and TsukiPro was streamed simultaneously by Crunchyroll.

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