Cells at Work! Continues to Education with Free Assets for Teachers, Medical Staff

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David Production's adaptation of Akane Shimizu's Cells at Work manga brought the everyday microscopic world inside our bodies to life each week. The series never shied away from the less savory details and often depicted them in amusing or over-the-top ways to really hammer the information home. Its depiction of cancer garnered praise from a real oncology researcher and opened discussion on how to best frame a function within our own bodies that wrecks havoc. The series blended education and entertainment in an engaging way and is continuing that mission even after the last episode aired.

The Cells at Work! official website is offering free downloadable content for educators and medical staff to help teach the functions of the human body. The informational packets cover both the body's natural cells that appeared in the anime and its invaders like Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The content is distributed for educational use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The Cells at Work! anime premiered on July 7, and Crunchyroll is streamed the series as it aired. The series will begin re-airing in Japan on Tokyo MX on October 6. Kodansha Comics is releasing the manga in English and the first four volumes are currently available for purchase. The manga is also inspiring a stage play.

Source: Official Cells at Work website, Comic Natalie

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