Fate/stay night's Junichi Suwabe Gives Expert Beauty Advice via Smart Mirror

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Yesterday, the Smart Mirror “novera” added Jun Fukuyama as a voice actor for its growing cast of characters. Fukuyama voices Yutaka Sudō, an "emotionally honest" pastry chef that Smart Mirror users can interact with while also receiving make-up advice. He joined Yuuki Kaji, who voices the "fastidious and standoffish spacial designer" Yuki Takano. Today the product creators announced that Junichi Suwabe is also voicing a character, an extremely knowledgeable esthetician named Seiji Amane.

The Smart Mirror device resembles a regular mirror but is equipped with an electronic display, a voice controlled interface, and other technological features. The novera Smart Mirror will be equipped with sensors that can perceive the state of your skin. Based on how it reads your skin, it can offer roughly 100 choices of makeup, prescribed by professional makeup artists.

Suwabe is best known for his roles as Archer in the Fate/Stay Night franchise, Undertaker in Black Butler, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in Bleach, and Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia.

The novera Smart Mirror will go on sale in 2019. Pre-orders for the Smart Mirror will be available “soon.” novera inc. will announce more participating voice actors in the lead up to the Smart Mirror's release.

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