Phantom Thief Jeanne's Arina Tanemura Designs Characters for Alice Closet Game

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Manga artist and character designer Arina Tanemura is bringing her dreamy artwork to DMM Games' latest project Alice Closet. The game is slated to debut on Android and iOS devices and as a PC browser next year. The game puts players in charge of dressing up a mysterious "Flower Dolls" referred to as "Alices" in the world of Wonderland.

The player is transported to picture book-like Wonderland from the modern world by accident. Once there, they discover that flower dolls dress up for battle against one another. The player takes charge of flower dolls and traverses Wonderland while battling opponents.

Tanemura is responsible for the game's original character designs, not unlike her work on Bandai Namco Games's Idolish7 male idol game. Tanemura is also the creator of the Phantom Thief Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, Full Moon O Sagashite, and Idol Dreams manga series.

The Alice Closet game will be on display at this year's Animate Girls Festival 2018 event in Ikebukuro on November 10-11. The event will reveal announcements for the UtaPri franchise, the TsukiPro franchise, and more.

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