Free AI Service Will Help You Find Your Perfect BL Manga Match

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Like the customers in Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san, fujoshi are always looking for recommendations for the latest, hottest boys-love manga title.

The genre is huge and there are a lot of titles to choose between, so going in blind can be both disappointing and expensive. Once you've worked your way through the popular titles, how does a voracious BL reader decide what to pick up next? The boys-love website Chil Chil has put together a virtual assistant to recommend just the right manga according to a reader's taste with the bonus of avoiding any potentially awkward conversations with bookstore staff.

The AI-powered BL Sommelier program is free to use and analyzes your preferences and mood to make the best recommendation. Questions look at a reader's favorite authors, how they'd rate their own BL reading experience, and "mood" (which is a euphemism for how explicit a reader wants the story to get). The AI then offers nine different reading options, each with trope tags and an eroticism level and links on where to legally purchase the book.

Registered users get more in-depth analysis but BL Sommelier is available even for first time visitors at Chil Chil.

Source: BLSommelier via Sora News 24 (Casey Baseel)

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