Fish-Faced Idols Keep Things Fresh in Dorukan Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Just when you think you've seen idols of every stripe: former yakuza, zombies, a mattress, and horse girls, a new manga appears to defy your expectations. The manga app Manga Zero is publishing a new series by Kazushige Watari starring a group of literally bubbly idols. The girls human from the neck down, but everything up top is fishy.

Dorukan stars a music producer named Saita Ushio. Every female singer that works with Saita becomes an mega-hit star but his popularity in the industry is beginning to wane. He finds himself appearing on more and more variety programs until one sends him out fishing. While out on the ocean, Saita encounters a mysterious giant fish. While attempting to reel in his line, he's pulled into the sea. The crew rescues him and he awakens in the hospital only to meet a woman with a shark for a head.

The fish-woman is Saita's newest project and she's set on becoming an idol.

Dorukan premiered on Manga Zero this month and the next chapter will go live on November 13.

Watari has experience writing about fish in less surreal circumstances. His work has appeared in Tsuri Comic (Fishing Comic) magazine, a manga anthology centered entirely around fishing.

Source: Manga Zero, Comic Natalie

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