Chairman Kosaku Shima Protagonist Becomes Morning Manga Magazine's Editor-in-Chief

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The titular protagonist of Kenshi Hirokane's Chairman Kosaku Shima manga has been climbing the corporate ladder since 1983. Now Shima is ready for the next step in his career: becoming editor-in-chief of Kodansha's Morning magazine. This year's 46th issue of the real-world magazine revealed the development on Thursday.

Shima will use his prior experiences with his company's wine import business as a producer for Sunlight Records and in various other industries to take on the challenges of the new role in the face of the manga industry's declining earnings. This year's 48th issue of Morning will reveal details about Shima's assumption of the office of editor-in-chief when it ships in Japan on November 1.

To celebrate Shima's new role, "Editor-in-Chief Shima" business cards will bundle with the magazine's upcoming issue. The LINE messaging and social media app will also run a campaign for users to become "friends" with Shima as editor-in-chief.

Since the manga's debut, Hirokane has been depicting the corporate rise of Shima as an executive. With every change in job title the main character receives, the manga title also changes. The manga began under the name Kachō Shima Kōsaku (Section Chief Kōsaku Shima). Sequels include Division Chief Kosaku Shima, Managing Director Kosaku Shima, Executive Managing Director Kosaku Shima, Senmu Shima Kōsaku, President Kosaku Shima, and Chairman Kosaku Shima. Chairman Kosaku Shima is ongoing in Morning magazine, and the 10th volume shipped in July.

Source: The Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web via Hachima Kikō

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