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Tezuka's The Book of Human Insects Manga Gets Reprint, Publisher Holds Book Fair

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Publisher fukkan.com is releasing a reprint of Osamu Tezuka's The Book of Human Insects (Ningen Konchūki; Human Metamorphosis) manga. The complete, limited-edition "original version" release will be available through fukkan.com's online shop and at Tsutaya bookstore locations throughout Japan in late December. The release will be limited to 555 copies and ship in mid December.

The manga originally serialized in Akita Shoten's male-oriented Play Comic manga magazine from 1970-1971. Vertical released the series in English, and it describes the manga:

Toshiko Tomura is a genius; the darling of the intelligentsia. A modern-day Michelangelo, this twenty year-old is already an established international stage actress, an up-and-coming architect, and the next recipient of the prestigious Akutagawa Prize as Japan's best new writer. Her actions make headlines in the papers, and inspire radio and television programming. And like many great talents, her troubled past is what motivates her to greatness. She has the amazing ability to emulate the talents of others.

Toshiko is also the mastermind behind a series of murders. The ultimate mimic, she has plagiarized, blackmailed, stolen and replicated the works of scores of talents. And now as her star is rising within the world of the elites and powerful she has amassed a long list of enemies frustrated by the fact that she has built critical and financial acclaim for nothing more than copying others' work. Neglected as a child, she is challenging the concepts of gender inequality while unleashing her loneliness upon the world as she climbs the social ladder one body at a time.

One of Osamu Tezuka's most wicked tales, The Book of Human Insects renders the 70's as a brutal and often polarizing bug-eat-bug world, where only those willing to sell their soul to the masses and become something less than human are capable of achieving their wildest dreams.

The manga inspired a live-action television series adaptation in 2011.

The Japanese reprint's B5-size pages will recreate the feel of the original magazine release with color opening pages and text. The release will also include all the frontispieces, previews, and summaries from the original version, as well as an ending gallery and diagrams. As bonuses, the release will bundle a special sleeve case and reproduction genga illustration. A version of the reprint without the bonus items is available.

In addition, fukkan.com is collaborating with the Miraiya Shoten location in Shijonawate, Osaka to hold the "fukkan.com Zenten Fair" promotion.

fukkan.com specializes in reissues. The fair displays the publisher's reprinted books from creators such as Osamu Tezuka, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Shōtarō Ishinomori, and Leiji Matsumoto, plus requested picture books and reproduction illustrations. The promotion introduces the works in chronological order of their initial releases, and some volumes are available for purchase.

Tezuka would have turned 90 years old in 2018. Various campaigns are celebrating the "God of Manga" and his manga and anime creations this year in his honor.

Sources: Fukkan.com, Miraiya Shoten Shijonawate's Twitter account, Comic Natalie (link 2)

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