Tokyo One Piece Tower Theme Park Gets Mummy Event in December

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Although Halloween is today, Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park is saving a spooky mummy-filled event for later this fall. The "Nanpasen kara no Hōmonsha ~Yomigaerishi Mīra no Noroi~" (Visitors From the Shipwreck: Curse of the Resurrected Mummies) event will be held on December 2, 8, and 14.

For the horror-themed event, participants will face off against many mummies lurking around the theme park. Participants will have to complete missions and search for keywords. The haunted house and horror event company Obaken is producing the event. Advance tickets will go on sale through 7 Ticket and T-Ticket on November 1.

The theme park will also hold the "One Piece Winter 2018-2019" event from November 23 to February 28. Tokyo One Piece Tower's other recent events include a new immersive theater experience and summer festival. Last year's "Tokyo Pirates Festival" marked the One Piece franchise's 20th anniversary.

The theme park inside Tokyo Tower opened in 2015, and in its story, the Tokyo landmark is a triangle-shaped island called "Tongari Jima" (Chestnut Island).

Sources: Tokyo One Piece Tower's website and YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

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