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Kyoto Aquarium's 'Penguin Relationship Chart' Reveals Incest, Turbulent Love Lives

posted on by Kim Morrissy

"Cute! Fun! Scandalous!" Kyoto Aquarium has posted a "penguin relationship chart" for 59 Kyoto Aquarium penguins, revealing their turbulent love lives. Love triangles, incest... This penguin family has it all.

The relationship chart has been causing a stir on Twitter. Of particular note is the relationship between Kuruma and Nijou, which is clearly marked as "BL" (boys' love) on the chart. Of more concern is the fact that they have a father-son relationship. Another dicey dynamic is between Tera (a female) and Same (a male), who are also in an incestuous relationship.

Arguably, the most dramatic family situation of all is Man's love live. His current lover Matsu is having a huge fight with Man's ex-wife over him. Man also had four children with his ex-wife, one of whom appears to have less-than-platonic feelings for her father. The infatuated daughter Chara also appears to have a grudge against Man's ex-wife.

The penguins from Kyoto Aquarium have been in the spotlight lately due to a "LOVE Favorite Penguin Super Election" currently being held by both the Kyoto and Sumida Aquariums. The aquariums have sorted their penguins into idol units, and a fan vote is currently being held to determine which penguins should hold the "center" positions. The election started on October 1 and will last until November 18.

Source: Nijimen

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