Japanese Hair Color Brand Will Transform Your Hair the Magical Girl Way

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Japanese cosmetic brand Kao wants to add a little magic to your beauty routine with Liese Prettia hair color. The company began streaming a commercial on Thursday that introduced the first "episode" of Mahō Shōjo Liese Prettia starring voice actress Aya Suzaki. Suzaki is finally getting her magical girl debut after previously starring as the (non-magical) Ranze Ichijō in Hugtto! Precure.

Her character Rize is a second year middle school student with a cloud mascot that hides in her hair. The mascot is meant to resemble the logo from Liese Prettia hair color boxes. She transforms and defeats the attacking demon with a splash of bubbles. Just when it seems like the magic is over, Liese Prettia begins speaking to the anime's viewer about transforming her own hair.

A make-over can really leave you feeling magical and it looks like there really is a magical girl for every occasion.

[Via Nijimen]

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