Find Out Who Spilled the Curry in Laid-Back Camp Card Game

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The hit cozy anime Laid-Back Camp is inspiring two card games, one based on the party game Werewolf and the other centering on matching characters to their respective episode for points. In the Werewolf game, players will try to figure out who spilled the camp site's curry at midnight. This obviously grave offense will pit players against one another has they try to figure out who is the clumsy curry offender.

Werewolf is a card game that assigns players to particular roles — "Villager," "Werewolf," "Doctor," "Fortune-teller," and so on. The werewolves kill the villagers, but otherwise blend in with them, forcing the villagers to guess which players are secret werewolves. One Night Werewolf x Laid-Back Camp: Who is the Culprit Who Spilled the Curry at Midnight!? replaces the werewolf with the culprit who spilled the curry while everyone slept, ruining breakfast in the morning.

Laid-Back Camp: Omoide Atsume is another card game following the previously released Laid-Back Camp: Doko demo Tent-bari! game released in April. Players try to exchange the character cards from their hand for episode cards from the deck for points. Characters can only be matched to episode cards that they played an important role in.

Interested players can check out the game on the 62nd Game Market Channel live stream on Nico Nico on November 20. Staff will present both games during the stream to show how to play before both games are released on November 26. Interested players can also try out the games early at the Slowcurve booth at the Game Market 2018 Fall event at Tokyo Big Sight on November 24-25.

Rin, Nadeshiko, Aoi, Ena, and Chiaki will return for a second anime season, movie, and short anime. The first anime premiered on January 4, and Crunchyroll streamed the 12-episode series as it aired. The anime's home video release in Japan included an "episode 0" anime.

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