Japan Anniversary Society Formally Recognizes November 21 as 'Eevee Day'

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Project Eevee merchandising line celebrates the occasion with a Japanese Twitter giveaway campaign.

On November 21, 2017, The Pokemon Center launched a merchandising line called "Project Eevee," dedicated to the evolution Pokemon Eevee. To celebrate the anniversary of "the day when many people came to know about the appeal and possibilities of Eevee," Project Eevee has officially dubbed November 21 "Eevee Day."

The date has been formally recognized by the Japan Anniversary Society, an organization that documents days of cultural importance. Project Eevee's Twitter account posted a photo of Eevee with the certificate.

Although February 5 is said to be "Pikachu Day," it has not yet been recognized by the Japan Anniversary Society. It appears that Eevee has pulled ahead of Pikachu by getting a national commemoration day first.

Throughout the day on the 21st minute of every hour, Project Eevee is posting "Public Service Announcements" about Eevee Day in the form of cute clips and pictures of Eevee from the Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Nintendo Switch game on Twitter.

Project Eevee is also celebrating the occasion with a week-long giveaway campaign for Twitter users in Japan. Users who follow the @project_eevee twitter account and tweet with the hashtag #イーブイの日 ("Eevee Day") from November 21 to 30 will enter a draw with 100 winners.

The "E Prize," which will go to 70 winners, is an Eevee King File. The "V Prize," which will go to 21 winners is a set of three Eevees in trainer outfits. The "Let's Go! Prize" is a copy of Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!, which will come with the Poke Ball Plus pack and a clear file signed by Aoi Yuki, the voice actor of Eevee in the Japanese dub.

The website for the campaign is keeping a tally of how many tweets have been made under the hashtag. It has counted over 3,000 tweets within 12 hours of the campaign starting. The hashtag #イーブイの日 has been trending on Twitter, and fans have been using it as an occasion to post fanart and photos of Eevee merchandise. Fans around the world have been participating in the hashtag too, and even the Japan Professional Football League Twitter account shared their pictures of Eevee.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! went on sale worldwide on November 16.

Source: Project Eevee Campaign Website

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