Mamoru Miyano Makes 1st TV Drama Appearance in 10 Years in Yūbe wa Otanoshimi Deshita

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Hot off his turn as a morning Japanese television announcer, voice actor Mamoru Miyano is staying on the small screen for his first appearance in a TV drama in a decade. The Zombie Land Saga voice actor will appear in the live-action adaptation of Renjuro Kindaichi's Yūbe wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne (Thou hast had a good night's sleep I hope. or lit. It Was Fun Last Night) manga as an Animate shop manager named Ōnida.

Miyano said he is an enthusiastic fan of the Dragon Quest game series. Dragon Quest X plays a central role in Yūbe wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne's story.

The romantic comedy manga centers on Powder, who has been enjoying the world of Dragon Quest X and spends every day playing with party members online. One day, Powder unexpectedly has to share a room in real life with a teammate named Gorō. They discover that their real-life personas are not quite the same as their game personas.

The show will premiere on MBS on January 6, on TBS on January 8, on HBC on January 14, and on CBC on January 31.

Tsubasa Honda plays Miyako Okamoto (Gorō), while Amane Okayama plays Takumi Satsuki (Powder). Kiyotaka Taguchi is directing the series, with scripts by Kouta Fukihara.

Kindaichi (Haré+Guu, Liar x Liar) launched the manga on both Gangan Online and in Young Gangan magazine in June 2014. Square Enix published the manga's fifth compiled volume on August 27.

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