Video Girl Ai Artist Draws Live-Action Video Girl Ai Star as...Video Girl Ai

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Singer and actress Nanase Nishino officially graduated from the idol group Nogizaka46 on December 31 after making her final appearance with the group at NHK's annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen program. During her time as an idol, Nishino made her lead television role debut as the titular Video Girl Ai. The live-action series updated Masakazu Katsura's 1989 manga for the modern era. The show debuted last year.

Shueisha's Weekly Playboy magazine decided to give Nishino her own graduation send-off. The publisher's popular manga creators drew artwork of Nishino for the Nogizaka 46 x Weekly Playboy issue released on December 28. Katsura drew a portrait of the actress as Video Girl Ai next to the original character.

The live-action television series resets the time frame of Video Girl Ai to modern-day 2018, and it centers around the original protagonist, Yōta's nephew, a high school student named Shō Moteuch. Shō harbors a secret crush on his beautiful classmate Nanami. One day, he discovers an old broken videocassette recorder at his uncle Yota's home. He fixes the recorder, and a mysterious girl named "Video Girl Ai" (Nishino) springs out.

The magazine also includes portraits by Kyosuke Usuta (Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar), Kousuke Masuda (Gag Manga Biyori), and Yoshihiro Takahashi (Ginga Legend Weed).

Despite the magazine's name, it's only loosely related the widely known erotic Playboy magazine. Shueisha's Weekly Playboy itself is not pornographic.

Source: Comic Natalie

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