Voting Opens for Love Live! Sunshine!! 4th Single's 'Center' Idol

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The official website for Dengeki G's magazine opened a poll to select the center idol for Love Live! Sunshine!! group's upcoming fourth single. The winner will be featured prominently on the single's album art and the accompanying animated promotional video.

Voting opened on Friday and will run until January 31.

Aqours' previous singles include "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?", "Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM", and "Happy Party Train." Characters Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi, Yō Watanabe, Kanan Matsūra were the center idols for the previous singles.

The Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow film opened in theaters in Japan on Friday.

[Warning: The story summary below contain a spoiler for the television anime. Highlight text to read the spoiler.]

[In the film's story, Uranohoshi Girls' High School's idol group Aquors has won the final Love Live! contest.] While preparing to enroll at a new school, the first- and second-year students encounter unexpected trouble. Also, after heading for a graduation trip, the third-year students go missing. As they are separated, the Aquors members appreciate the weight of their togetherness for the first time. In order to move forward, they must decide how to react to their new situations.

The television anime's cast and staff returned for the film.

Source: Dengeki G's

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