The Magnificent Kotobuki Voice Actors Suggest Watching the Anime in a Theater

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Director Tsutomu Mizushima and scriptwriter Michiko Yokote's original television anime project The Magnificent Kotobuki held an advance screening of episode 1 on December 12. The screening was held at the Shinjuku Piccadily theater in Tokyo.

Afterwards, the voice actors Sayumi Suzushiro (who plays Kylie), Eri Yukimura (Emma), Sayaka Nakaya (Kate), Asami Seto (Reona), Hibiku Yamamura (Zara), and Miyu Tomita (Chika) came onstage afterward to discuss their impressions of the episode.

They commented that the dynamic camerawork and sound effects in the anime make the viewer feel as if they are actually flying. They said that it was a good thing that the audience got the chance to see the anime in a theater. They expressed their hope that every viewer will be able to watch the anime with a good screen and sound.

The story of The Magnificent Kotobuki takes place in a barren frontier where people trade goods with each other in order to help each other survive. The Kotobuki Squadron are bodyguards for hire, led by a strict but beautiful squadron leader, an unreliable commanding officer, and a true artisan of a crew chief. Alongside pilots who don't lack for personality, they take to the air in dogfights, letting the engine noise of their Hayabusa fighters ring out in the skies.

Because of the anime's emphasis on fighter planes and aerial battles, the animation and sound design are both key points to look out for. The voice actors also commented on how each plane has its own unique design.

Although series director Tsutomu Mizushima was not present at the event, he left a message for the audience saying, “You don't have to praise The Magnificent Kotobuki. You can just give me your honest opinion.”

When the voice actors asked if the audience enjoyed the episode, they clapped and cheered. The voice actors said that they were convinced that this was their honest opinion.

Mizushima storyboarded and directed the first episode of The Magnificent Kotobuki. He also serves as both the series director and sound director.

As a special treat for the advance screening audience and to give her character a chance to shine in the spotlight, Miyu Tomita performed voice-over narration for a clip showing footage from episode 2. This preview was exclusive only to the theater audience and will not be streamed online.

The Magnificent Kotobuki will premiere on January 13. At the same event, it was announced that the anime will receive a web program called “KOTOBUKI Tsuushin” featuring the voice actors as guests, as well as figurines for Kylie and Emma and a character song mini-album.

More English information on The Magnificent Kotobuki is posted on the Bandai Namco Arts Official English Facebook page.

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