Cells at Work! Anime Brings Influenza Event to Laguna Ten Bosch Theme Park

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Achoo! Laguna Ten Bosch theme park visitors' cells will be hard at work at the Cells at Work! in Laguna Ten Bosch event. The hands-on collaboration hopes to teach participants how to prevent influenza while playing around at the same time.

The theme park will set up an exhibition about the series' characters, a video in the theater area starring Helper T-Cell (played by Takahiro Sakurai), and mission activities like carrying oxygen to each area, finding and activating the Naive T Cells, and exterminating the influenza virus. Participants that manage to complete all three of Helper T-Cell's missions will receive a certificate with a limited edition design.

Characters from the show will be roaming around the park including red blood cells, naive T cells, and dendritic cells.

The event will run at Laguna Ten Bosch Lagunasia park in Gamagori, Aichi until May 6.

"Influenza" appeared in the third episode of the Cells at Work! anime series and the third chapter of the manga series. The television anime aired from July to September and Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan.

Crunchyroll describes the episode's story:

Tired of repeating the same task (cell division) day after day, the Normal Cell laments while working his boring job, when a mysterious cell wearing a charming hat suddenly appears in front of him. This cell proceeds to invite the Normal Cell to spread mischief and play pranks on the White Blood Cells (Neutrophils) and Killer T Cells. Though the Normal Cell enjoys being able to blow off some steam from his day to day life, who is this charming hat wearing cell?

A special episode centering on the common cold aired on December 26.

Kodansha Comics is publishing Akane Shimizu's original manga in English.

Source: Laguna Ten Bosch official site, Comic Natalie

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