Anime Voice Actors Endorse 'Strong Woman Maker' Service

posted on by Kim Morrissy

The world can never have too many strong women. The folks at the image creator service Picrew evidently agree with that, because they've recently created a "Strong Woman Maker", which allow you to draw your own tough-looking lady out of parts their service have assembled.

The "Strong Woman Maker" has become viral on social media, and especially on Twitter. Even anime voice actors have been getting into the fun, showing off the strong ladies they have created. Some of them are even based on characters they've played.

Megumi Ogata, who plays the dashing Haruka from Sailor Moon, made a "strong woman" in Haruka's image.

Ogata quickly followed this up with her rendition of Haruka's girlfriend Michiru.

Himika Akaneya (Izetta from Izetta: The Last Witch and Tsuyuno from Magical Girl Site) made a "strong woman" in her own image, saying, "I tried to make Akaneya as she normally likes. I want to be a strong woman."

Aina Aiba (Claudine from Revue Starlight) said that her manager created a "strong woman" in her image. "I look so cool!" she remarked.

One of her Twitter followers responded saying she had made Claudine.

The "Strong Woman Maker" has inspired a lot of fun within the last few days. Have you tried making a "strong woman" yourself?

Source: Nijimen

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