Pikachu Catches All Your Dust on a Robo Vacuum

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Pikachu is ready to catch all the dust bunnies hiding in the nooks of your desk. The "Pikachu Runrun Cleaner" is a vacuum similar to a Roomba but smaller. It's circular and colored like a Pokéball and meant to clean the surface of your work desk. On top, Pikachu "steers" the vacuum towards in any crumbly messes while also making small talk. Well, as much small talk as you can expect from a Pokémon.

The vacuum is 3,218 yen (US$29) and will be on display at the 87th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2019 event at Tokyo Big Sight from February 12-15.

The Pikachu Puni Light is a glowing lamp that also has a sound detector so it can turn it on or off with a simple clap of your hands or by calling out to Pikachu. It interacts more than an average lamp, too. Pikachu can sing and dance along with its owner. The Pikachu Puni Light costs 9,698 yen (US$88).

Both items are scheduled for release this summer.

Source: Comic Natalie

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