DeNA's Hacka Doll News App Predicts Most Likely Anime Adaptations for 2019

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DeNA's Hacka Doll news app reported seven anime, manga, character figures, and games it thinks are most likely to inspire a television anime this year based on the app's trend feature as of January 28.

Ranking at the top of the list is game director Yoko Taro's NieR: Automata PlayStation 4 game. Game producer Yosuke Saito said in 2018 that there was a "50%" chance of another installment in the NieR series but clarified that the odds were reliant on whether Taro wanted to do another game.

NieR: Automata sold over 2 million copies worldwide in the first seven months after its release in February 2017.

The second entry is Superhippo's browser game Flower Knight Girl. The action-adventure RPG is available in English from Nutaku. The website describes the story:

A thousand years ago, the world of Spring Garden was besieged by the Harbinger of Doom, an insect King accompanied by legions of pests. Since then, the Flower Knights have lead a war to safeguard their kingdom from the crawling chaos that seeks to devour it.

The third entry is Yūki Yaku's light novel series Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki (Jaku Chara Tomozaki-kun) (Weak Character Tomozaki-kun). The series stars self-described "bottom-tier" human Fumiya Tomozaki who believes he has no redeeming qualities outside of a singular claim to fame: he's Japan's top-ranked Atafami video game player. One day after encountering the game's second ranked player, it's suggested that the two players meet one another. Tomozaki is shocked to discover that the player is none other than his "God tier" classmate, the smart and beautiful Aoi Hinami. Hinami decides to help Tomozaki transform his real life to match his online persona.

Shogakukan published the first light novel volume written by Yaku and with illustrations by Fly in May 2016. The sixth volume shipped on May 18 and a volume "6.5" shipped on October 18. A manga adaptation launched in Square Enix's Gangan Joker in December 2017. Yen Press licensed the series for release in North America.

The rest of the Hacka Doll's predictions are:

  1. NieR: Automata PlayStation 4 game
  2. Flower Knight Girl browser game
  3. Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki light novels
  4. The Journey of Elaina (Majo no Tabitabi) light novels
  5. Little Armory 1/12-scale weapon figures
  6. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun (Jibaku Shōnen Hanako-kun) manga
  7. Nogi Wakaba wa Yūsha de Aru light novels

The Hacka Doll app delivers a customized feed of news for each user. The user answers some simple questions when launching the app for the first time, and then the app will filter the news that caters to the user's personal interests — boys love (BL), cosplay, anime, manga, games, light novels, voice cast members, and more. With daily use, the app automatically analyzes and learns which news articles the user reads and recommends to further personalize the feed.

The app delivers 25 news articles three times a day (morning, noon, and night). Articles about products have direct links to order each item from Tsutaya Online Shopping. The app itself inspired an anime series in 2015.

Source: Animate Times

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