His and Her Circumstances Voice Actors Comment on 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Box Set Release

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The His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano for short) television anime is getting a 20 year anniversary Blu-ray box set release in Japan on March 27, 2019. Five voice actors left comments on His and Her Circumstances rights holder King Record's website on March 7 in anticipation of the release.

Atsuko Enomoto, who plays Yukino, wrote: "It's been 20 years since the anime. I'm so happy to see it get a Blu-ray box set. Kare Kano was my first big role. It was my adolescence! The booklet will have behind-the-scenes stories from the production staff. It's a must-read! 20 years later, I now understand why everyone looked so unwell at the time. (laughs)"

Chihiro Suzuki, who plays Arima, wrote: "I went into [His and Her Circumstances] not knowing anything, since it was my first time playing a protagonist in animation. It was a great learning experience for me as a voice actor! I am who I am today because of Souichiro Arima. I hope everyone enjoys it!"

Junko Noda, who plays Maho, wrote: "Twenty years since the broadcast. Kare Kano is now an adult! I look back on this anime as a time capsule of what it's like to be young, including myself at the time. The booklet has 'His and Her Behind-the-scenes Circumstances' that can only be told now. I look forward to when it comes out!"

Atsushi Kisaichi, who plays Asaba, wrote: "Congratulations to Kare Kano for its 20th anniversary! I'm Kisaichi, the voice actor of Asaba. Looking back on that time, there are a lot of things I'm embarrassed about, but I'm happy that everyone can once again see this wonderful anime that we made with the best team. I hope all the little lambs in the world can enjoy the world of Kare Kano."

Mayumi Shintani, who plays Tsubasa, wrote: "This was my debut work, so my voice acting skills were equivalent to an animal's, but I feel like it's got a peculiar shine that I only could have brought out at the time. I hope you keep this anime close at hand."

The Blu-ray boxset will include the original 26 episodes converted into HD. The five disc set will also include bonus footage and bundle additional booklets. The set will retail for 15,120 yen (US$136). The cover of the set will feature brand new artwork by the series' character Tadashi Hiramatsu.

His and Her Circumstances tells the story of Yukino Miyazawa who is really, really vain, and loves to hear people praise her. She's always been the best at everything, and always tries to look perfect. But when Yukino goes to high school, she's finally upstaged: by Souichiro Arima, who scores better on the entrance exams and instantly snatches the attention of the class. By accident, Arima finds out that Yukino is just pretending, and this starts off a series of events that lead to Yukino and Arima falling in love.

Source: King Records

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