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Attack on Titan Directors Say Friendship Will Be Key Theme in Season 3 Part 2

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Attack on Titan chief director Tetsuro Araki and director Masashi Koizuka said in the April 2019 issue of Animedia that friendship will be a key theme in the second part of the Attack on Titan Season 3 television anime. In particular, viewers should watch out for the interactions between Eren and Armin, and Levi and Erwin. "When you think about it, Attack on Titan is a story that overflows with friendship," Araki said.

Spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 below:

The directors drew attention to the final episode of Season 3, part 1 (episode 49), where Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are shown having a conversation. "In that scene, you can see a difference in Eren and Armin's priorities," Araki noted. Koizuka pointed out that Eren himself was oblivious to this. Araki said that something like a rift was growing between them, but the characters were covering it up. "It makes for a thrilling story, and it hurts my heart," he commented.

Although Eren, Armin, and Mikasa form a friendship trio, the two directors agreed that the relationship between Eren and Mikasa is something different from "friendship," although they did not elaborate. As far as pure friendship goes, Eren and Armin's friendship is what comes to mind first.

The directors ask that viewers watch the battles that Eren and Armin win through their teamwork, because the story won't just end there. "In the end, the only person who can energize Eren is his oldest friend Armin, and likewise, Eren is Armin's oldest friend who understands him best. That will be a vital part of the story going forward."

Similarly, the relationship between Levi and Erwin is also worth looking out for. Araki mentioned that he's currently absorbed in drawing a storyboard focusing on the two of them. Although he felt that he could not go into much detail because of spoilers, he described their relationship thus: "You know how when you say 'Do your best,' you mean it as a form of encouragement, but the person you say it to may feel pressure instead? But instead of having that kind of relationship, they're there for each other even for trivial matters. When you're embraced and forgiven even for something lazy you did, it's like you're being saved."

Even Reiner and Bertolt, whom Eren perceives as enemies and traitors, share a strong rapport because of their shared hardships and common goal. Koizuka intends to bring them into the forefront in the second part in order to show their character growth. Their relationship can be seen as foils for Eren and Armin.

Having worked for seven years on Attack on Titan together, the core staff of the series also feels as if they've formed a strong connection, and that the studio has a "good vibe." Although the core staff is unchanged, more and more people have been joining the production as time has gone on. Koizuka notes that through Attack on Titan, it's possible to see all the growth Wit Studio has made since the very beginning of its inception.

The television anime of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga premiered in April 2013, and its second season premiered in April 2017. The first part of the third season premiered in July 2018, and the second part will premiere in April.

Source: Animedia April 2019 Issue

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