Director Hiroyuki Imaishi Shares Details About Promare Anime Film's Origins

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Studio Trigger and XFlag's original anime film Promare held a stage event at AnimeJapan on March 24 to tease viewers about the upcoming project. During the talk show, the film's director Hiroyuki Imaishi (seen left in the image below) shared the origins of the film's production.

Pre-production work on Promare first began in 2014, almost immediately after Trigger's previous work Kill la Kill finished airing. Imaishi described the early stages of the production as exceedingly difficult because he and screenwriter Kazuki Nakajima wanted to create something that is above and beyond anything they had previously created together. It took three years for their ideas to take shape into the film's current form. Imaishi described the pre-production as “the most time and trouble I've ever had to deal with.”

Nakajima, who is also a playwright for the popular Japanese theater company Gekidan Shinkansen, said that he specifically requested the voice cast be comprised of actors from the theater company. He was delighted that he had his wish granted for the ideal voice cast. Actors Ken'ichi Matsuyama (who plays Galo Thymos), Taichi Saotome (Lio Fotia), Ayane Sakura (Aina Ardebit), Tetsu Inada (Varys Truss) also attended the stage show and gave introductions to their characters.

Galo Thymos is a new member of the Burning Rescue team. He's still in his teens but has more attitude than anyone. He is a reckless meathead who runs headlong to the scene of a fire.

Lio Fotia is the leader of Mad Burnish. Lio seems like someone who keeps their cool, but it's actually the opposite. Lio aims to burn everything with the power of a special flame called "Burnish Flare."

Aina Ardebit is a member of Burning Rescue who, like Galo, is in her teens. She is cool, calm, and professional at all times, and does things at her own pace. She plays the straight man to Galo and Varys.

Varys Truss is a member of Burning Rescue in charge of heavy machinery. He's a muscular guy in his 30s, and he's always training his body.

The anime's protagonist is named Galo (seen with blue hair in image above), who is a new recruit in a rescue team. The anime will have mechs called "Matoi-Tech," named after the "matoi" banners that Edo-period firefighting units used.

The staff previously stated at Anime Expo 2018 that the anime will be similar in tone to Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann — Imaishi and Nakashima's previous two collaborations. The project was first announced at Anime Expo 2017.

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