Yoyogi Animation School Offers YouTuber Course in 2020

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The Yoyogi Animation Academy, which has branches around Japan, will be starting 13 new courses from April 2020. One of those courses is the "YouTube Course," which will introduce students to the current state of YouTube and Virtual YouTubing. In the first year, students will learn how to film and edit programs, organize streams, and how to pitch ideas. In the second year, students will learn dance, singing, and oratory skills, as well as how to carry out a live Virtual YouTube stream.

Although Yoyogi Animation Academy began holding night classes for a "Virtual YouTuber Idol Course," this will be the first time the school has implemented a full-length course dedicated to YouTube.

A representative for the school said, "More and more people want to be YouTubers and Virtual YouTubers. We're opening this course to satisfy the demand." Addressing the content of the course, the representative explained, "Self-expression is an important skill for both voice actors and Virtual YouTubers. By learning the foundations of being a voice actor, students can study produce their own works and communicate with their audience."

The Yoyogi Animation Academy offers classes on other, related topics, such as anime backgrounds, manga, novel scenarios, and figures. In 2016, AKB48 founder Yasushi Akimoto was appointed honorary president and general producer.

Source: Livedoor News via Hachima Kikō

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