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Director Yamakan's Official LINE Blog Goes Offline

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Director posts phone call recording of himself interrogating customer service staff

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens and Wake Up, Girls! director Yutaka Yamamoto (otherwise known as 'Yamakan') has been running a personal blog since 2016. He has used it to share sensitive information about the production of Wake Up, Girls!, victim blame an idol for getting stabbed by a crazed fan, and pontificate about his hatred of otaku and "resentment" towards Chinese people, among other things.

But like Yamakan's Twitter account, which was suspended in 2018 for "abusive, threatening, and discriminatory behavior," so too must this chapter of Yamakan's online adventures conclude. Yamakan's LINE blog went offline on Wednesday. The last retrievable post via Wayback Machine was from April 11.

In the meantime, Yamakan started another blog on Ameba Blog, which goes into detail about why his LINE blog was erased. In his first post, which was published on Monday, he wrote: "I've gotten fed up with LINE blog's utter spinelessness." In subsequent posts, he shares more details about LINE blog's supposed "awfulness." He reveals that his posting was restricted on his LINE blog without forewarning for "the umpteenth time." He claimed that after sending a contents-certified mail​ to LINE, they deleted his blog altogether.

On Friday, Yamakan posted a video of himself calling LINE. He tells the call center: "I'm recording this call, so don't you say anything weird, okay?" Then he says, "Why do you keep cutting off my calls?" When the woman answering the call tries to respond that it is standard practice to redirect calls to the relevant department, Yamakan interrupts her to say, "No, you just cut me off one-sidedly. Tell me, is that how you treat a human being?" Before the woman can finish her sentence, Yamakan interrupts her again to say, "No, no, no. I told you to bring out the person in charge." The woman says, "I cannot connect you to that person because I cannot understand your request." Yamakan says, "Why not?" Before the woman can answer, he reminds her, "I'm recording this. I'm going to post it to the internet." When the woman says she does not understand his request, Yamakan repeatedly asks her "Why don't you understand?" and tells her to bring out someone who can understand.

This goes on for roughly two minutes until Yamakan starts saying, "Are you denying me because I am a special case? Am I irritating to you? Annoying? Am I on a blacklist? I have a lawyer. I sent a contents-certified mail​. After I've done all that, are you saying that you can't even get in touch with the person I want to see?" Even then, the woman repeats that she cannot connect the call. Yamakan continues to ask her "Why?" until eventually she hangs up. The call was five minutes in total.

Besides posting about how much he hates LINE, Yakaman has so far used his Ameba blog to complain yet again about how much he hates otaku ("I'll never regard you bastards as 'customers'").

Source: Yamakan's Ameba blog (Link 2) (Link 3) (Link 4) via Hachima Kikō

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