KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi Named His Dog After Detective Conan Character Ran

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He's also a big shipper of Shinichi and Ran.

KAT-TUN boy band member Kazuya Kamenashi revealed in an interview with Detective Conan manga artist Gosho Aoyama that he is such a big fan of Detective Conan that he named his dog after the character Ran. Ran is the daughter of Kogoro Mouri and the childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo (Conan).

Kamenashi said, "I always want my dog to be bright and healthy (ranran), but I got the kanji 蘭 from Ran."

He admitted that he used to have a crush on Ran when he read Detective Conan as a child because Aoyama drew her in a "somewhat sexy way." He also said that his favorite character is Conan, and that he swoons every time he sees Conan and Ran's love story. Aoyama asked him if he watched the school trip arc. Kamenashi said, "Of course!"

Kamenashi asked if the developments from the school trip arc had been decided on from the beginning, and Aoyama said not at all. He just wanted to write a school trip arc and thought that this would be a good place to include some romcom scenes. However, he did say that he has already worked out what will happen to Ran in the future, and that this is already foreshadowed in the manga. Naturally, he did not divulge anything further.

The two also discussed other aspects of the Detective Conan series. Aoyama remarked that Kamenashi resembles the character of Shuichi Akai and said, "You should play him in a live-action adaptation!" Kamenashi expressed his hopes of getting a guest voice acting role in a Detective Conan movie. Aoyama seemed to seriously consider writing a role just for Kamenashi, although he admitted that he doesn't have any deciding power when it comes to things like casting.

Detective Conan has been running since 1994, and last August it became the first Weekly Shonen Sunday series to publish its 1,000th chapter. The manga has spawned an ongoing television anime series and a yearly anime film series.

Source: Da Vinci 2019, issue 5

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