Geodude Becomes Iwate Prefecture's Pokémon Tourism Ambassador

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Iwate prefecture has been in recovery mode since the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster struck the area in 2011. Various companies have collaborated with the local government to help with tourism effort, including The Pokémon Company. In the last eight years, efforts have included a themed tourism train and Pokémon Go events. The in-game Lapras event brought over 10,000 visitors to northeastern Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures.

Iwate is continuing its relationship with The Pokémon Company by choosing a creature to serve as its tourism ambassador. The prefecture's public relations Twitter account announced on Monday that Geodude (Isitsubute) is the perfect Pokémon for the job. The decision is was based on the prefecture and Pokémon's similarities. Iwate is written with the kanji for "stone" and "hand' which describes Geodude to a tee.

The Pokémon is the star of an official promotional music video featuring the song “Iwa to Te! Iwate! Ishitsubute!” (“Stone and Hands! Iwate! Geodude!”) and art where Geodude (and sometimes Sudowoodo) try out local activities.

Geodude fans can find the mascot hanging around Iwate. The costume is notable because, well, Geodude doesn't have legs. Designers opted to omit the legs of the costume by using the same pattern seen in image editing software.

Geodude joins fellow Pokémon tourism ambassadors Sandshrew (Tottori prefecture) and Kagawa Prefecture's Slowpoke.

Source: Sora News 24 (Dale Roll)

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