Fruits Basket Creator Explains Why No One Smokes in New Anime

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Fruits Basket creator Natsuki Takaya explained on Twitter why the characters have given up nicotine in the new anime adaptation. The original manga and first series adaptation showed some characters using cigarettes, like Sōma family doctor Hatori. The new anime adaptation is being supervised by Takaya and she has previously stated that she's confirmed that details like characters hair and the voice cast met her specifications. She explained on Saturday why the change was made in the new anime adaptation.

"The lack of smoking scenes is simply due to modern regulations," Takaya wrote. "Because this is based on an older work, it's content was a result of a different era." She went on to add some additional notes regarding the anime's most recent episode. For instance, she explained that the similarities between Yuki and Akito's hairstyles are intentional but she has some trouble remembering exactly where it originated.

The new anime has an entirely new Japanese cast and staff, as per Takaya's request. The new anime will cover the entire manga's story.

Yoshihide Ibata (Pikaia!!, FLCL Progressive) is directing the anime at TMS Entertainment. Taku Kishimoto (Silver Spoon, Haikyu!!, 91 Days, Hanebad!) is in charge of series composition. Masaru Shindō (Macross Delta, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) is drawing the character designs. Takaya herself is serving as executive supervisor.

The anime premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 5. Funimation is streaming the anime on FunimationNow. Funimation has also licensed the home video rights.

Takaya serialized the original Fruits Basket manga in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine from 1998-2006. Tokyopop released the manga in English from 2004 to 2009, and Yen Press re-released the manga in 12 updated omnibus volumes beginning in June 2016. The original manga inspired a television anime adaptation in 2001.

:Source: Natsuki Takaya's Twitter account via Otasuke

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