The Ring's Sadako Meets the Apocalypse in Shūmatsu no Sadako-san Manga

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She's tried terrifying the locals and making her big break on social media, but how would The Ring's biggest ghost handle the apocalypse? Shūmatsu no Sadako-san (Sadako at the World's End) manga takes the begrudged ghost and puts her in a post-apocalypse scenario. The Ring series novelist Koji Suzuki is supervising the story with manga artist Koma Natsumi.

The story begins after the end of the world. Humanity isn't completely destroyed but it is a shadow of its former glory. A pair of sisters are surviving together in the ruins when they discover an ancient relic: a video. The tape is none other than Sadako's video that will curse anyone who watches it and kill them one week later. The girls are unfazed when Sadako appears since meeting another human is rare anyway. Instead, the little girls call her "Sada-chan." Sadako, meanwhile, thinks if there are more people left, she'd like to curse them. So Sadako and the two girls begin travelling together to find more people.

Natsumi is serializing the manga in Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Gene magazine and the first volume went on sale on June 27. This is the second recent manga series where the horror film star has taken on a more "child-friendly" persona. She befriends another young girl (also named Sadako) in Aya Tsutsumi's comedy manga spin-off Sadako-san to Sadako-chan.

Sadako might bring death and frights in her live-action films, but she's been known to appear at promotional events as less hostile. She pitched the opening ball for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters vs Saitama Seibu Lions game on May 12. She's also raced horses, run a popularity campaign, and starred in a vacation photo shoot.

The live-action horror film Sadako opened in Japan on May 24. The film is based on Koji Suzuki's novel Tide, the sixth and latest installment in the Ring novel series that has inspired the film franchise.

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