Ponkotsu Quest Anime Returns to Viking Era in Vinland Saga posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Makoto Yukimura's Vinland Saga and VAP's web anime Ponkotsu Quest are together again in a short webisode. The web anime shows the Ponkotsu Quest characters discussing the series. Kakufinn (the right character) expresses surprise that it's being turned into an anime. At one point, Kakufinn calls Makoto Yukimura and asks to be put in the show. Yukimura answers in his real voice to tell him that it's impossible. Imuladd (the left character) is sarcastic throughout the whole exchange.

Vinland Saga will premiere with the first three episodes on July 7. The story follows the viking Thorfinn, son to one of the Vikings' greatest warriors. When his father is killed in battle by the mercenary leader Askeladd, he swears to have his revenge. Thorfinn joins Askeladd's band in order to challenge him to a duel, and ends up caught in the middle of a war for the crown of England.

The Ponkotsu Quest previously produced a collaborative short anime with the live-action Gatchaman film in 2014. The web anime debuted online in 2013. A sixth season is in the works.

Source: Comic Natalie

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