Buddhist Temple Installs Picture Scrolls Depicting Historical Figures as Naked Anime Guys

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Last year, the Kokujoji Temple in the Niigata Prefecture tried appealing to the youths with a bizarre and gaudy website where users could send the hate messages they received or saw online as offerings. This year, the 1,300-year old Buddhist temple is up to similar tricks by installing a picture scroll on its walls depicting the historical figures connected to the temple as naked anime guys. The temple posted a video showing what the walls look like, and they're certainly something.

According to Kokujoji Temple's official Twitter account, the illustrations were drawn by Ryoko Kimura. The picture scroll can be accessed without any charge, although seal stamps bearing the illustrations are also being sold at the temple.

Regarding the picture scroll, the temple's chief priest Kōtetsu Yamada said, "It may have some stimulating parts, so there may be some opposing voices. But it would be instructive to learn whether this kind of measure will be able to break through the stagnating status quo."

The picture scroll was opened to the public on April 19, and will be available for an indefinite amount of time.

Source: Kokujoji Temple's Twitter account via Nijimen

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