Hana to Yume Apologizes For Publishing Manga Strongly Resembling Arina Tanemura's Work

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Nosora Uwa's 'Romance and Battle' manga was removed from magazine's digital version

Hana to Yume editor Kazuya Satō posted a message on the magazine's website as well as the parent publisher Hakusensha's website on July 5, apologizing for publishing a manga with "a female character that strongly resembled an existing creator's artwork" in this year's issue 14 of Hana to Yume.

The apology appears to be in reference to a manga called Romance and Battle by Nosora Uwa. Various Twitter users pointed out that the female protagonist is drawn in a style that strongly resembles Phantom Thief Jeanne and Full Moon O Sagashite creator Arina Tanemura's work.

When asked about the matter on Twitter, Tanemura said that she was a "little surprised" and that she did not know about it.

In the apology message, Hana to Yume's editorial department took responsibility for nudging Uwa's style to be closer to Tanemura's. Satō wrote: "It should never have been published to begin with, and regardless of the work's resemblance, we made a mistake in publishing it in the magazine."

The message also mentions that Uwa is deeply sorry for the confusion and inconvenience she caused, and that Hana to Yume's editorial department will be more prudent in the future to ensure that nothing of this nature will happen again.

As of July 5, the manga has been removed from the digital version of the magazine issue. The magazine first went on sale on June 20.

Source: Hana to Yume official website via Nijimen

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