Weekly Shōnen Champion Manga Mag Commemorates Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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On July 20, 1969, mankind made its first trek on the moon. Just five days before the momentous event, Akita Shoten launched its manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion. The magazine honored the one of the biggest events in history with a celebratory video that includes the publication's logo imprinted on the moon. The video ends with the slogan "50 Years of Damn Hard Work."

Weekly Shōnen Champion's eighth issue featured astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the cover to commemorate the Moon Landing. Akita Shoten would return to photographs and images inspired by the event for the first, 20th, and 31st issues of 1970.

Weekly Shōnen Champion held a fan appreciation 50th anniversary event on July 15. The event included displays of creators' "dream projects," including giant balloon of character Akira Midōsuji (Yowamushi Pedal), an "ultra-realistic" diorama of Baki Hanma's house (Baki-Dou), and a giant stuffed plush of John the armadillo (The Vampire Dies in No Time).

Astronaut updated!

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