Singer, Actor Dean Fujioka is Sherlock in Upcoming Fuji TV Series

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Yuri!!! on Ice theme song singer and Japan's sexiest man of 2017, Dean Fujioka, will put on his best deerhunter cap and take on the role of Sherlock in Fuji TV's upcoming drama about Arthur Conan Doyle's ubiquitous detective. Fujioka will be joined by actor and dancer Takanori Iwata as Watson.

The series will premiere in October and is set in the modern era. Fuji TV describes Fujioka's character as a genius who has been fascinated by the criminal mind and mankind's "original sin" from a young age. This has led him to solve numerous mysteries but Sherlock is also dangerous and one wrong turn could lead him onto the path of a criminal.

Iwata's Watson will be a psychiatrist working out of a Tokyo-based hospital. He's described as a cool and calm man with ample common sense. The pair become friends and eventually begin to live together.

The series will be directed by Hiroshi Nishitani (Midsummer's Equation, Suspect X) and written by Yumiko Inoue (Harassment Game, Emergency Interrogation Room).

The original Sherlock Holmes character has inspired multimedia adaptations around the world, including JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In Japan, you can visit a Sherlock Holmes-themed bar in Ikebukuro or read the manga adaptation of the Sherlock BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Production I.G's upcoming anime Kabukichō Sherlock will also premiere in October and sets the detective and six other "shady" individuals in the Kabukichō district of Shinjuku.

Source: Fuji TV via Nijimen

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