Iwate Prefecture Rolls Out More Rock/Ground Pokémon as Manhole Covers

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After electing Geodude as its Pokemon Support Ambassador this year, the "stone hand" prefecture of Iwate has introduced more Rock- and Ground-type to the area as manhole covers.

The city of Ofunato announced on Tuesday that visitors and locals should look down to spot Rhyhorn (Sihorn) in front of the Sakari railway station. A total of 13 manhole covers can be found in scenic spots around Iwate prefecture, each featuring a different Rock- or Ground-type Pokemon.

The city of Otsuchi introduced a Shuckle (Tsubotsubo) manhole cover outside of the Ōtsuchi railway station on July 25.

Geodude himself is hanging out in the city of Miyako.

So far 11 out of the 13 manhole designs are installed across the prefecture.

The full list of Pokemon is:

  • Kabuto in Taneichi outside the Hirono Fisheries Hall Unique
  • Aerodactyl (Ptera) in Kuji outside Roadside Station Kuji
  • Onix (Iwark) in Noda village
  • Shieldon (Tatetops) in Fudai village
  • Nosepass in Tanohata outside Shimanokoshi station
  • Geodude in Miyako outside the Minato Oasis Miyako Sea Topia Naado Rest Area
  • Omanyte in Yamada in the Kawamukaicho restaurant area
  • Shuckle (Tsubotsubo) in Otsuchi outside the Ōtsuchi railway station
  • Aron (Cokodora) in Kamaishi near the Kamaishi Unosumai Community Center
  • Rhyhorn (Sihorn) in Ofunato at the Sakari railway station
  • Tyrunt (Chigoras) in Iwaizumi near Ryūsendō Cave (not yet installed)
  • Rockruff (Iwanko) in Rikuzentakata outside the local shopping mall (installation scheduled for September 24)
  • Larvitar (Yogiras) in Sumita near Sumitacho Norin Hall (installation scheduled for September)
  • Iwate prefecture has been in recovery mode since the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster struck the area in 2011. In the last eight years, efforts have included a themed tourism train and Pokémon Go events. The in-game Lapras event brought over 10,000 visitors to northeastern Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. The prefecture elected Geodude as its support ambassador in May. It joins fellow Pokémon tourism ambassadors Sandshrew (Tottori prefecture), Kagawa Prefecture's Slowpoke, and more.

    Source: City of Ofunato site, Iwate's Pokemon collaboration site via Sora News 24 (Oona McGee)

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