Voice Actress Mayumi Tanaka Addresses the Question of Who Would Voice Luffy After Her

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Veteran voice actress Mayumi Tanaka has been voicing Luffy from One Piece for 20 years. She is now 64 years old. As the cast of One Piece has been steadily aging, Tanaka briefly touched on the issue of who would voice Luffy after her.

In the most recent episode of the Japanese talk show "Bokura no jidai" (Our era), which aired on Sunday, Tanaka spoke of how the manga's creator Eiichiro Oda would often joke about how long the series was going to take. She said, "I might not even be alive by the time it ends. When the time comes, I hope that One Piece fans can accept the person I choose as my successor."

Tanaka's son, who was also on the program along with voice actress Masako Nozawa, said, "The only person I can think of who could possibly replace you is Masako Nozawa." Tanaka replied, "What's the point if it's someone older than me?"

Nozawa, who is best known for voicing Goku in the Dragon Ball series, is currently 82 years old. Nozawa joked that she would take on Luffy's role. She said, "I can keep acting until I'm at least 100. I think I could do it until I'm 128."

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