Live-Action Version of Business Fish Anime's Dance Sequence Streamed

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A new music video gives a look at how TOHO's wacky Business Fish might look if they were more man and less scaly. The music video is set to Hitoshi Ueki's song "Sūdara Bushi" that serves as the motion-capture anime's ending theme. The video stars dance performance group s**t kingz who also served as the motion capture subjects for the original video.

XLII remixed the original song, and DOTARA was in charge of the rap segments. Santa Yamagishi planned and organized the video, while actor Tai Uowaki's planned the dance choreography.

Business Fish premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11 on July 7 at 24:00 (effectively July 8 at 12:00 a.m.). The anime also streams on Hulu.

The anime features characters with human bodies and fish heads as office workers at an IT firm. The anime stars:

  • Takuya Nagaoka as Tai Uowaki
  • Rena Takeda as Mai Otohime
  • Motoki Ochiai as Budō Umino
  • Ryōsuke Takei as Takoyama Hachio
  • Takemi Fujii as Ebika Ise
  • Hiroki Ōtsu as Asase Kacho
  • Yua Shiraishi as Mozuku Isono
  • Kensho Ono as Ika-chan

Kuon is credited with the original work (the characters are based on characters Kuon created as LINE stickers). Takashi Sumida is directing the anime, and Ohkura is overseeing the series scripts. Ohkura is also writing the scripts alongside Udai Iwasaki and Ryōichi Tsuchiya. Nielsen is the concept designer, Teruaki Shiraishi is the CG director, and Ianda is producing the series. The "s**t kingz" group also choreographed the ending sequence.

Sources: Comic Natalie

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