Sanrio Launches Its First Comedian Group

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"Warahibi!" project consists of six comedy duos with animated comedy routines

Sanrio launched its first comedian project "Warahibi!" in August. The group consists of six comedy duos, all of whom are anime boys. A promotional video released on Warahibi's YouTube channel on Thursday shows the duos in action.

Warahibi has also released videos introducing each individual pair.

The "Asayake Rangers" (Morning Glow Rangers) duo consists of two childhood friends from Shizuoka. Haruka Fukushi (left) is performed by Daichi Kusano, while Jun Komine (right) is performed by Shōgo Sakata.

The "Glassic Classic" duo consists of two bespectacled men who have recently quit their salaryman jobs. Shūji Kanzaki (left) and Tasuku Asamiya (right) are performed by the comedy duo Ushiro City.

The "Ma Mi Mu Mercy's" duo both have great fashion sense. Kiseki Ishii (left) is performed by Chiharu Sawashiro, while Yūto Yura (right) is performed by Tatsumaru Tachibana.

The "Maruo Misumi" duo are musicians. Takashi Misumi (left) is performed by Yuichi Hose, while Mitsuo Maruo (right) is performed by Shun Horie.

The "Good Batting Seishun" (Good Batting Youth) duo are sporty and live by the sea. Kaito Takeshima (left) is performed by Wataru Komada, while Kōichi Haruyama is performed by Kento Shiraishi.

The "Happiness Commander" duo are twins. Teru Kizuki (left) is performed by Daiki Kobayashi, while Akira Kizuki (right) is performed by Shinei Ueki.

Animate Girls Festival 2019 launched a poll to vote for the funniest duo. The poll will run until September 23, and the results will be announced on September 30. The winning duo will present a "reward" to attendees of the Animate Girls Festival on November 9 and 10.

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