It's a Chicken vs Sea Chicken Battle in Animated Food Commercial

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Toshio Furukawa is bringing his Piccolo energy in his most formidable role yet: Tuna. This isn't a wacky name for a hot-blooded shonen protagonist, Furukawa literally voices a tuna in an animated ad for Hagoromo Foods and Primaham. His opponent is the formidable Akira Kamiya, voice of City Hunter's Ryo Saeba and Kinnikuman himself, as Chicken.

The commercial was produced by both food retailers to celebrate their 88th anniversaries. The ad shows the long-fought battle between the "land chicken" and the "sea chicken" for supremacy.

Chickens prove to be a reoccurring foe in the world of anime ads. Nissin's chicken found his demonic side in a series of ads that dabbled in the occult (and Devilman).

Source: Anime! Anime! .

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