Creator Rensuke Oshikiri Says He's Working on a 'New' Hi Score Girl Project

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New manga to have 'completely different feel from the first generation.'

Hi Score Girl manga creator Rensuke Oshikiri revealed at a talk show last Sunday that he is working on a "new work" for Hi Score Girl, although he chose not to reveal anything further out of concern that it would make it harder for him to draw. He mentioned that he had originally planned to start work on it this year, but he has still not started. He did, however, reveal that it would have a "completely different feel from the first generation."

It was also revealed at the event that production on the Hi Score Girl II anime was "almost complete." Producer Yuji Matsukura also explained that the staff started the script and storyboards for the last episode first and worked backwards from there, instead of beginning from the first episode. The music was tailored to fit the storyboards of the final episode. Oshikiri expressed surprised upon hearing this, and stated that this was his first time learning about it.

Oshikiri and Matsukura also shared their memories of playing at arcades. Street Fighter II plays an important role in the anime, and it was also the game that inspired Matsukura to go to arcades. He also said, "Nobody made friends with each other at arcades (laughs). Everyone was scared of the delinquents." Oshikiri revealed that it was through his request that the Takada Baba Game Center Mikado assisted with the game recordings in the series.

The nine-episode second season will premiere on Tokyo MX on October 25 at 25:05 (effectively October 26 at 1:05 a.m.), before debuting later that night on MBS and BS11.

The first season for the anime of Rensuke Oshikiri's Hi Score Girl manga premiered on television in Japan last July. Netflix began streaming the show outside of Japan on December 24. The second season will premiere in October.

Source: Comic Natalie

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