Dragon Quest Releases Book to Teach Grade School Math

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Square Enix is releasing a book to teach grade school math in December, called Dragon Quest Yūsha Drill: Shōgakkō Teigakunen Muke Sansū Hen (Dragon Quest Hero Drill: Arithmetic for Elementary School Grades 1-3). The book uses its Dragon Quest theme to teach basic arithmetic in a way that can engage children. As the hero of legend, you will use the power of arithmetic to defeat the demon lord.

Some example questions are below:

  • You have 120 gold to use on your journey. If you spend 80 gold on a copper sword and 30 gold on a leather shield, how much will you have left?
  • It takes 8 Slimes to fuse into a King Slime. If you have 24 Slimes, how many King Slimes does that make?
  • If a single Frizz spell does 10 damage to the enemy, how many uses will it take to defeat a Dracky with 60 HP?

Familiar-sounding problems for a hero to encounter on their journey, indeed. It seems that playing Dragon Quest will certainly teach you the essential arithmetic skills one would need for life.

The book will go on sale on December 20 and cost 1,078 yen (US$10). The product can be ordered the online Square Enix store.

Source: Game Watch

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